The coming blizzard is bringing something evil, something malignant with it called the Chenoo. And it’s hungry!


I learned about the Chenoo through the Alien Alamo crowdfunding campaign. The book was available alongside the Alien Alamo book. At first glance, the story of the Chenoo looks very interesting. A horror tale based on an old legend.



The Chenoo was created, written, and illustrated by Graham Nolan. He is the co-creator of the iconic Batman villain “Bane”, the creator of “Joe Frankenstein”, “Monster Island”, “The Chenoo”, “Sunshine State”, and “Alien Alamo”.  The book was lettered by Carlos Mangual. The variant covers were colored by Gregory Wright.



The bound book has a soft cover with a printed spine. The quality of the interior pages is good. The 62-page book includes the main story of pure suspense and terror illustrated in black and white with red ink here and there, the very first drawing of the Chenoo, the pencil & ink version of the variant cover, backer list pages, and a short summary of what would be the next crowdfunding project “Alien Alamo”.

Same as Alien Alamo the signed book has a soft cover with spot varnish on it. Young and Adults would be interested in the Chenoo, but I would categorize the story for mature audiences. It’s reminding me of the Walking Dead where every character gets killed in a graphic way. The Chenoo was published by Compass Comics in December 2020.



In 1977 a once in a 500-year winter storm hit the city of Buffalo, New York, paralyzing the region. 23 deaths were attributed to the storm, but the truth could never be revealed. There was something hiding in the snow and wind. Something evil and malignant. And it was hungry.

In 2020, another monster storm is brewing over the lake and once again it is bringing more than wind, and snow. It’s bringing death. Paul Jackson was a kid during the storm of 1977 when his father, Jimmy, was the Chief of Police. His dad told him stories about the storm that couldn’t and shouldn’t be shared: the stories of the Chenoo.

A giant frozen creature of native American lore that comes off the ice to eat the hearts of its victims in search of warmth it will never have. Now Paul is a cop and it’s happening all over again. It is a night full of strange incidents where he meets Faith, the night manager of Timmy Ho’s.

Trying to survive the blizzard they arrive at Dill’s Ranch owned by Eric and Mara. There they also meet Tom Bailey and Dave Longbow. Paul recognizes the sound of the Chenoo and everyone at Dill’s Ranch realizes the seriousness of the situation when the first victim is claimed by the monster.

The Chenoo has no mercy and takes everyone in his way, whoever they are. How will the survivors at Dill’s Ranch fight the Chenoo and who will survive? I could probably tell you but there is no fun in that, is there?



The Chenoo is an engaging terrifying story nicely illustrated. You are afraid to know what next, but you can’t stop reading. At least, that is how I felt. As it is, the story is perfect for a movie. Check the book at the Compass Comics website.

My experience with the Alien Alamo crowdfunding campaign has been good. However, I can’t confirm if it will be a similar experience when you buy the books through the online store directly. Now we are talking retail, not crowdfunding. However, based on the level of professionalism of Graham and his team I imagine there won’t be any issues.

The Ghosts of Matecumbe Key will be Graham’s upcoming crowdfunding project after Giant-Size Two-Fisted Manly Tales which will be the third book in the NolanVerse series that connects with “The Chenoo” and “Alien Alamo”.


My notes are all set. Let me know what you think.

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