Guardians of Erloth: The Last Leopard King is a six-part epic fantasy series chronicling the fall of the kingdom of Pardus and one hero’s journey to reclaim his birthright. Thus far the stories have been told in three volumes.


Guardians of Erloth: The Last Leopard King is a tale for all ages set in the magical world of Erloth. After years of training as a Guardian, Caius is told of a long-lost magical weapon named Sun Reaver. Caius sets off on a journey to investigate the rumors and if possible, obtain this powerful weapon.

Obtaining the Sun Reaver will make the difference in effectively combating powerful dark magic or being enveloped by the long shadows cast by the Jade Sorceress and her champion Varanus the Destroyer.  In Volume Three Part 2 Caius begins the next phase of his journey in becoming a Guardian of Erloth and avenging the destruction of his home.



Guardians of Erloth: The Last Leopard King, Vol.3 Part 2 written by Chael Roberts (Guardians of Erloth. Vol.1,2,3 part 1), interior art and colors by Ryan Best (Judas Breed, Guardians of Erloth) and lettered by Eric Weathers (Battle Brick Road) with cover art by Jon Malin (Graveyard Shift) colored by Dash Martin.



The “Guardians of Erloth: The Last Leopard King” series is a fantasy tale set in the magical world of Erloth for kids and adults. Volume 3 Part 2 consists of 30 pages, saddle-stitched, and printed on high-quality paper. The book is published by Comics Du Nord.



In the previous issue (Volume 3 Part 1), Cauis learned about the creation of the Guardians. Now he will learn about what happened to the first guardian.

After the Empire of the Dawn defeated the armies of the Fallen, Argues the wise was unable to slay the Demon Lords. The fallen retreated to their fortress of Vandar located in the foothills of the shadowlands. The true source of power for the fallen was the sun.  the mage cast a great spell to block out the sun weakening the demon lords.

Taking advantage of their weakened state, Augues cast another spell turning the fallen to stone. In one last act of defiance the Demon Lord, Ritilis, harnessed the sun attempting to bring doom upon the attacking army.   Due to his weakened state, he failed. Aegeus escaped the city in a spell preventing any from entering or leaving.

While the Emperor of the Dawn proclaimed his victory, his guardian discovered a fallen star. Inside the heart of it was a powerful metal containing great magic. A weapon was created harnessing the power of the sun. The emperor was presented with this weapon. He named it “Sun Reaver”, a weapon powerful enough to stand against the fallen, should they return.  When the Emperor died Aegeus took the weapon afraid it would fall into the wrong hands. He disappeared never to be seen again.

Cauis’s task is to find the crowned Prince of Kass who is also looking for this weapon and get more information about this weapon. On his journey, he will meet new allies and put to test all that he learned. Will he be able to complete his quest?



Following the positive experience with the Guardians of Erloth Volume 3 Part 1 campaign I decided to back the crowdfunding campaign of Volume 3 Part 2.  I selected the pre-launch perk that included the book, a Guardian Pin, a 6×9 exclusive Jon Malin print, an exclusive trading card, a 6×9 Vol.3 Part 2 Print, and a Noctis Sticker. I also got the Kyra bookmark and the digital edition of the current and previous books.

I received the signed book, four 6×9 prints, 2 bookmarks, 2 trading cards, a sticker, a pin, and a business card. The whole process went well except for opening the packaging. The pin was placed directly on the book and with all the pressure it poked onto the book causing a dent and perforation which was very unfortunate.

Knowing how every product received so far has been well-packaged, my only guess is that the pin was a new product they didn’t know how to package. I’ve received pins from other creators in bubble wrap, wrapped in newspaper, or even pinned inside the Gemini mailer so there are ways to package it safely.



The Guardians of Erloth series tells an interesting fantasy tale full of action and adventure. The quality of the interior art and the printing remained the same throughout the series. Volume 3 Part 2 is as good as the previous issues.

With Guardians of Erloth: The Last Leopard King, Vol.3 Part 2 you as the reader see Cauis’s journey to obtain a powerful weapon but it is not the final chapter, Caius’s adventures will continue. I look forward to learning what will happen next.

Unfortunately, the campaign Volume 3 Part 2 is closed at the moment and there is no online web store that I know of where you directly can buy the previous books other than maybe eBay. Information about the publisher and more details about about their previous titles can be found on IndieGoGo, and YouTube.

Interested in more titles? Check more COMIC BOOKS and GRAPHIC NOVELS under the “EYES ON” series wherein I documented my experience with crowdfunding entertainment and shared my notes on the products I received.


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