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The War of the Trees is a collection of tales that follow the harrowing exploits of the Aelvar people in the world of Esperia. This saga serves as an introduction to Infinitale: Chronicles.


“Infinitale: Chronicles” presents an epic fantasy universe of great conflict and even greater heroism. The War of the Trees saga will explore the origins of a mysterious collective of beings, known as the “Fae”, and how they escaped their doomed world to become mankind’s greatest threat and savior.



“Infinitale: Chronicles – The War of Trees – Book 1 Second Genesis” is created and written by Chris Fisk. Chris created the Infinitale fantasy role-playing game in the 1990s as an alternative to the more established tabletop game systems. Since then he has worked as a game designer on video game titles such as Project Offset, Firefall, Defiance, and Assassin’s Creed: Memories.

Chris has returned to his passion project from the 1990s and is publishing the work he had started three decades ago. “Infinitale: Chronicles” is an epic fantasy series of graphic novels that are based on his fantasy RPG from the 1990s. The tales chronicled are based on actual game sessions and serve as a history for the Infinitale game universe.

The art of Book 1 is done by António Brandão and colored by Alzir Alves with Chris Hall. Character design was done by Zed Edge. Produced, edited, and lettered by H.C.M.P. variant covers by Michele Hoefener and Genzoman, the logo was created by Sergey Punchev.  The book was published by Chris Fisk Media, LLC.

The story is told on 49 pages excluding the front and back covers, the credits page, the character description page, and ads. As of date “Infinitale: Chronicles” is planned to be a 10-book series. Book 1 serves as an introduction to the universe.



It all began with the birth of an ill-fated son, Zevulaun, in the royal family of Tir Y Goeden. Healthy newborn males are offered during the harvest as sacrifices to the gods. Can a mother’s right overcome the gods’ might?

The opening tale of The War of the Trees saga begins with a mystery uncovered from the fevered dreams of an ailing queen Aislinn. Her husband, King Consort Coalan, journeys across the deadly wilderness with a band of loyal soldiers to find answers to the queen’s dreams.

What began as a strictly regimented life of harsh-but-familiar servitude to the gods, escalated into a great war. This rebellion has forced the Aelvar to determine their own destiny as they face a new existence without others ruling every aspect of their lives. They are becoming self-aware. It is a difficult position to be in as everything they knew about themselves, and the history of their world suddenly changed. As a result, they would need to adapt as well.

The Aelvar are guided by a mysterious and powerful benefactor called Tennu, the Allmother. It is through her teachings that these Children of Esperia will learn of their true heritage and how to unlock the secrets of magic. This powerful gift will aid them in the battle against their former gods, but magic always exacts a price upon those that use it.

By the end of the book, there is a page with a short description of the main characters and ads including one for the Infinitale fantasy role-playing game.



The story is very interesting when you interpret it through the lens of current times. Imagine if you changed the gods with the government. The punishments rather than taking a life, imagine taking your livelihood, your house, your bank account. Imagine the offerings of children as having the state educate children to their will while you as a parent have no right to interfere with the system.

It’s about how the blinded are starting to discover the truth for the first time about those who have ruled them all their lives and how they will be unable to handle it at first. It reflects the struggle we all go through when confronted with an inconvenient truth. I’m curious how the story will unfold. Will the Alvear people realize their own potential? Will they be able to learn to walk their path alone and become independent?

One thing that is confusing to me is the title of the Book. Why so long? Maybe if more background is given about the structure of the universe? How many sagas are planned? How many books will cover each saga?

Maybe a handbook, ashcan, or webpage describing the world, the timeline, the characters, language, culture, etc could be helpful? Maybe I’m a little lost because I don’t know the games it’s based on.



By the time I decided to back the crowdfunding project for Book 1, I choose the digital edition of the book for the same reasons I did with Star Circuit, and as mentioned in that publication my experience with digital editions over physical editions did not change.

I received the digital edition in PDF format with no issues from the project manager/creator. It is worth mentioning that the updates provided on the status of the project and the follow-up after delivery were greatly appreciated.

As of date, the crowdfunding campaign for Book 1 is still open. If you can, get a physical copy of the book. The packaging of the physical book looks beautiful and similar to the style of Bonds Vol.1.



“Infinitale: Chronicles – The War of Trees saga – Book 1 Second Genesis” is an interesting and intriguing fantasy story. The art is very different, it reminds me of the art in the VeilWalker for some reason, yet it holds a uniqueness to it in my opinion. The crowdfunding campaign for Book 2 of the War of The Trees saga is coming soon, I hope. Looking forward to the continuation of the story.

Update Sept 30, 2022: Check Book 1 on Amazon with a new cover!


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