Jetta and the gang are back with more whacky adventures! Jetta Raye’s Adventures Issue #2 features new stories about Jetta and her teenage friends.


Jetta was drawn by the late Dan DeCarlo before he brought his art style to Archie Comics and was published by Standard Comics in 1952. Dan was the creator of Josie and the Pussycats and co-creator of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. He was also an artist for Millie the Model, and the definitive artist for the Archie gang.

The stories back then were about Jetta Raye and her teenage friends, told in three books numbered #5,6, and 7, to make buyers think it was an ongoing series at the time, “Jetta” was in competition with Archie Comics which was one of the most-sold comics at the time. Now new readers can discover new stories of Jetta Rae in the “Jetta Rae’s Adventures” comic book series.



The stories are written by Craig Boldman and Angelo DeCesare, two veteran Archie writers with newcomer Tony DiGerolarmo, a Simpson’s writer, Angelo DeCesare, and Rich Maurizio. Bringing these writers’ stories to life are legendary Archie Artists Jeff Shultz, who is also the senior editor of the project, and Jonathan DeHenry.

Hand Lettering was done by Eddy Chapman. Inking by Mark Sinnott and Rich Maurizio. The colors were done by Michael Woods. Jimmy T. Tournas oversees digital lettering and book layouts etc., of the Jetta Rae book projects. He was the inker of Spider-Man Sundays, Archie & Friends, etc., and is currently publishing Jetta Raye Adventures under Totally Galactic Comics.

Totally Galactic Comics first published a limited edition book titled “Jetta Raye Adventures” in 2020. It is a 108-page hardcover book containing all-new Jetta Raye stories inspired by the first 3 issues published by Standard in 1952.

The writers came up with new antics for the gang,  while the artists, with varying styles, did an absolutely incredible job at illustrating their stories.  Totally Galactic Comics then started publishing the Jetta Raye Adventures comic book series in floppy format. We already got the Jetta Rae Adventures Issue #1, now it’s time for Issue #2.



Jetta Rae is the main protagonist but her gang always accompanies her in her adventures. Jetta is a junior at Neutron high school and is the main character of the series, she is the natural leader of the group.  If there is an old lady crossing the skywalk, Jetta would be the first to offer her help.

She is a bit naïve, crazy, and outrageous at times but has a strong character. Although many guys flock to her, Jetta’s heart is with Arky. Arky is a sport’s minded klutz.  Jetta is crazy about him, even though he can be completely clueless when it comes to his relationship with her.

When it comes to inventions and technology, Gizmo is a scientific prodigy.  He’s constantly coming up with gadgets.  His inventions are usually fantastic.  He is shy and introverted when it comes to girls but is great friends with Jetta while having a secret crush on Hilaria.

Biff is an all-around sportsman in the group.  Biff dates many girls but still vies for Jetta’s affection.  Biff is known for being vain and sometimes totally obnoxious. Hillaria is Jetta’s friend. Being slightly envious of the attention Jetta gets from the gang, may lead to her sometimes-mischievous deeds.



Jetta Raye’s Adventures issue #2 contains five stories:

Jetta in “Space -n- Bake”

Story by Tony Digerolarmo. Art by Jeff Shultz. Inks and Letters by Jimmy T. Tournas and Colors by Glen Whitmore.

Jetta and Hillaria get themselves in trouble during cooking class. The story ends with a fake inventive ad “the Red-Hot chewing gum”.

Jetta in “Best of Snow!”

Story by Angelo DeCesare. Pencils by Jeff Shultz. Inks and Letters by Jimmy T. Tournas and Colors by Mike Woods.

Jetty and the gang are competing against an Alien gang to see who is better.

There is pin-up art added next inked by Mark Stinnott (Girls’ side) and Jimmy T. Tournas (Boys’ side) and colored by Glen Whitmore.

Jetta the Grown-up Space Girl “Dramarama

Next up we have Jetta the Grown-up Space Girl “Dramarama” by Goldman, Kenny, Tournas, and Woods.

The story takes a look into the life of Jetta in Telenovela style.

Jetta in “SlapFest”

Story by Jeff Shultz, Art by Jonathan DeHenry. Inks and Letters by Jimmy T. Tournas and Colors by Michael Woods.

The story is about the rise of an unbelievable sport.

Jetta in “Future Tense”

Story by Craig Boldman. Pencils by Bill Galvan. Inks by Rich Maurizio. Colors by Mike Woods and Letters by Jimmy T. Tournas.

Arky lives the day irresponsibly and leaves everything to his future self. What can possibly go wrong?




The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign of Jetta Raye Adventures Issue #2 offered issue #2 main cover by Jeff Shultz and Jim Tournas as the main tier, a sketch cover variant tier, a virgin cover tier, a limited-edition cover by the Kennedy brothers, and a tier with all 3 covers, an “I Dream of Jeannie Poster” tier, original art tier with Josef Rubenstein Sketch Cover, and an “All covers and issue 1 soft and hard cover” tier.

I got the “I Dream of Jeannie Poster” tier which comes with the poster and issue #2.  The poster is a 16X20 heavy-weight painted poster, featuring Barbara Eden as Jeannie, and signed by the artist Joe Jusko. The poster is also the cover art for the 2002 “I Dream of Jeannie” comic book.

This time the tracking number was timely provided via Indiegogo. The products arrived separately. I received the poster first which was nicely packaged in a poster tube and a few months later I received the comic. I expected to receive the main cover but surprisingly received the limited edition.



Jetta Raye Adventures Issue #2 did not disappoint. I enjoyed reading the stories and the art looks good. They are a fun read for teens and adults.

As of date, the crowdfunding campaign for Issue #2 is still open so check out, Jetta Raye Adventures #2. Surprisingly the campaign for issue #1 is still open.

So far, I’ve seen most small creators close their first-issue Indiegogo campaigns very quickly instead of using the “in-demand” status as an online store.  Other comic book creators offer the first issues on their own online store or as an “add-on” on the second issue campaign. Each indie creator’s circumstances are different. Sometimes it’s easy to find their products, other times it’s a challenge.

With Jetta, it’s very simple.  The books are made, and probably still in stock, so you know you will probably receive them quickly. Just make sure to check the campaigns’ updates and/or contact the project manager.

Interested in more titles? Check more COMIC BOOKS under the “EYES ON” series wherein I documented my experience with crowdfunding entertainment and shared my notes on the products I received.


My notes are all set. Let me know what you think.

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