Joe Frankenstein Part 2


Joe Frankenstein and the Monster head to Long Island to find Skye and thwart the Bride’s plan. But they will have to get past Lord Golgatha and his army of the undead.


It’s said that man is born with original sin. But what of a man who was never born? What of a man that is created from pieces of others? Whose sins does he bear? His creator’s or the sins of the sum of his parts?

Joe Frankenstein was originally published in 2015 in 4 issues by IDW. Joe Frankenstein Part 2 collects issues 3 and 4. In addition to this, you will also find behind-the-scenes sketches and layouts of the 2015 published issues. Joe Frankenstein ties into the Nolanverse that so far consists of Monster Island, The Chenoo, Alien Alamo and is supposed to be read before the next entry to the Nolanverse, “The Ghost of Matecumbe Key”.



Joe Frankenstein was created and written by Graham Nolan, and Chuck Dixon (Hunter Ninja Bear, Black Tide Rising Vol.1, Giant-sized 2-Fisted Many Tales). The book was illustrated by Graham Nolan, lettered by Carlos Manual, colored by Gregory Wright with main cover art by Graham Nolan & Gregory Wright, and variant cover art by Anthony Gonzales-Clark.



Joe Frankenstein Part 2 is a 72-page perfect bound printed in color on high-quality paper with a soft cover with glossy spots. The book was published in September 2023 by Compass Comics. The book consists of a credits page, the main story in 2 chapters and bonus material. The bonus material consists of:

  • The original main cover art and the sketch of issue #3 and issue #4
  • The original variant cover art and the sketch of issue #3 and issue #4
  • The original character designs of Joe, The Monster, The Bride, Enoch, Finnabar, Lord Golgatha, Saxton, and the Vamps
  • The main cover layout
  • The main cover inks
  • The variant cover art of Part 2 by Anthony Gonzales Clark
  • An ad for Return to Monster Island.

Joe Frankenstein Part 2



The Monster came into this world with anger and hate and those around him paid the price. He killed in rage. The rage only a child knows. Over time, a very long time, he learned of remorse. He understood the pain of his actions. The pain caused to others and a deep loss within itself.

To heal that pain, to fill that void required sacrifices, and since that time has served as a protector of his creator’s descendants. From the Frankenstein’s Monster to the Frankenstein’s Guardian. Some sins take a long time to repay.

Joe Frankenstein Part 2

The Monster takes Joe to his base where he meets Enoch, I.G.O.R, and Finnabar. Enoch is like the right hand of the Monster, I.G.O.R is short for Intelligence Gathering for Offensive Response, the ultimate supercomputer. Finnabar is the driver who seems to have some secrets of his own.

Through I.G.O.R they learn that Skye, Joe’s Frankenstein’s girlfriend is missing. Her parent’s home was burned down and it appears that it was part of the Bride’s plan to lure Joe in. The Bride losing her patience decides to attack with assistance from Lord Golgatha and his army of the undead. Will Joe survive the attack and will he ever find Skye?

Joe Frankenstein Part 2



The main takeaways from me were the importance of finding purpose and finding family, looking at the choice to carry hate, envy & jealousy, and reflecting on how some sins take a long time to repay.



You only realize the real value of something when you lose it. After experiencing indifference for years going in and out of foster homes, he finally has a place with his current family where he feels ok. His family consisted of an eccentric adoptive father figure, a caring mother, an annoying little brother, and cute little sisters.

It wasn’t perfect but he liked it. I can only imagine that leaving them was hard for Joe and you don’t get to see that really in Joe Frankenstein Part 1 as everything seems to happen so fast but near the end when Joe finds his purpose you understand their value to him.



Once Joe accepted his lineage and experienced the fight against evil, he found a purpose, a drive, a goal. The world is a scary place and there is no going home. But there is going forward. Pure evil exists in this world and it must be stopped. His drive is his girlfriend, his adoptive family, and his heritage.

Finding a positive, constructive, and healthy purpose is a very important and difficult task to complete. But finding purpose is difficult when you don’t know who are and what you want for your life. It gives you a sense of responsibility and the motivation to carry on.

Having no purpose leads to a stagnant mind state and the possibility of becoming a dangerous threat to society. Someone who does not care about anyone or anything would be willing to do anything including acts that would endanger others. You also have those who knowingly or unknowingly or through deceit (think of cults) choose a negative, destructive, and unhealthy purpose to focus on.

Joe Frankenstein Part 2



Humans are beings with a good and bad side. Which side prevails depends on how strong the morals and values of each individual. Usually, it is easier to surrender to the bad side and cultivate that grudge or jealousy but all that takes too much energy and will eventually lead to self-destruction.

Wanting to destroy someone because you don’t agree or you don’t like them or the success that they gained. All that is cumulative negative energy that will bounce back to you, also known as bad karma.

Instead, why not work on your own personal development, build your business, and work to keep it running? You can’t expect to grow your business while you’re sitting on the couch fighting with people online and expect others to do the work for you. While you’re doing that others are working, being productive, and succeeding. Then you get mad and want to take them down.

Joe Frankenstein Part 2

Let people live and focus on your own life. Maybe look for a healthier environment to live in. Sometimes we need to separate from those “friends and family” that have a destructive mindset.

To think that the way to become successful is by tearing others down with destructive criticism, gossip, lies, and deceit is wrong. To believe that you already will fail to reach a reasonable goal because your circle doesn’t believe in you is wrong. It all leads to regret, disappointment, sadness, and depression.

Humans are unique beings why are we comparing ourselves to each other and copying each other when each of us has grown up in particular unique environments and experienced life differently?

So, the path to success and happiness will be different each time because each individual is different. Then we should stop comparing ourselves to others and ignore the idea that everyone is the enemy therefore let’s attack first and ask questions later.

Instead find a purpose, a drive, goal that will lead to something positive. Don’t let others dictate your success and happiness. Keep growing and keep building. Those who keep growing and building will move forward on the road to success. Those who carry hate, envy jealousy will slow down and eventually stop in the middle of the road and blame it on those who reached the finish line.



At one point in the story the Monster says “Some sins take a long time to repay”. It took him a long time to realize the pain he caused and the way he seeks forgiveness is by dedicating his life to protect what he wanted to destroy.

Once people realize the damage that they’ve done and seek for forgiveness you can’t blame people that chose to not forgive. The road to forgiveness requires effort and sacrifices and not everyone who seeks forgiveness is willing to do it.

But those who choose to do so should be given a chance to prove that they are deserving. The problem is that forgiveness is difficult to give and the process may take years depending on the persons involved and the situation.



The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for Joe Frankenstein Part 2 was similar to Part 1, simple and short. This time I backed the tier with the Nolan cover which included the book, a bookmark, and a vinyl logo sticker.

The products were well packaged and included the Nolan cover graphic novel, a Joe Frankenstein Part 2 bookmark, a signature card with the sketch design of the main cover, a “Compass Comics” logo sticker, and a “Thank You” letter.

Joe Frankenstein Part 2

The tracking numbers were provided and timely updates were provided as usual. Graham is a professional at managing his campaigns and manages his time to always deliver as promised.



Joe Frankenstein Part 2 culminates the first arc of the series. A lot is happening in Part 2 which is full of action and drama. I started reading and before I knew it the story ended. The art looks even more amazing with different panel styles and structures. According to the creators, the next arc in the Joe Frankenstein Sage will be coming soon in 2024.

As of date, the crowdfunding campaign for Joe Frankenstein Part 2 is closed but hopefully, the book will be on the Compass Comics website soon. Want more of Joe Frankenstein? Check the Comics Chaos game in your preferred app store and explore the Spinrack website.

Joe Frankenstein Part 2

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