Black and White series by Art Thibert


In a world where law and order are often blurred to gray, justice can only be “Black and White”.


The comic book “Black and White #1”, created by Art Thibert, was first published in October 1994. The 3-issue series was reprinted in 2019 in a graphic novel format.

“Black and White” is a compelling graphic novel series for young adults that skillfully combines classic superhero elements with modern storytelling techniques and themes. Thibert, known for his work as a comic book artist and inker, brings his unique artistic style to the forefront in this series, offering readers a visually stunning and narratively engaging experience.



The “Black and White” series was created by Art Thibert and Pamela Thibert. Volume 1 was written by Taylor Grosso and Art Thibert who is also the interior artist, the colors are by Periya Pillai with Hack Shack Color with letters are by Kurt Hathaway, edited by Pamela Thibert with art assistance by Tag.  Variant cover art for Volume 1 was done by Greg Capullo.

Volume 1 was written by Joe Fulton and Art Thibert who is also the interior artist, the colors are Bryan Magnaye with letters are by Jeff Eckleberry with art assistance by Russ Leach and Alan Patrick.  Variant cover art for Volume 2 was done by Kenneth Rocafort and Joe Benneth with colors by Kyle Ritters.

The “Back and White: High-Octane” story is written by Von Klaus, Art Thibert, and Pamela Thibert. The interiors and main cover are illustrated by Pedro “Ang” Caicedo, the story was edited by Pamela Thibert, and lettered by Eric Weathers.



Art Thibert is a well-respected figure in the American comic book industry, known primarily for his work as an inker and artist. Thibert began his career in the late 1980s, his early work included contributions to DC Comics, where he worked on popular titles such as “The New Teen Titans” and “Legion of Super-Heroes.” His talent for enhancing penciled artwork with his inking caught the attention of Marvel Comics, where he would go on to make significant contributions throughout the 1990s. At Marvel, Thibert worked on several high-profile titles, including “X-Men,” “Cable,” and “Fantastic Four.”

His collaboration with prominent artists like Jim Lee on “X-Men” solidified his reputation as one of the top inkers in the industry. Thibert’s work during this period was characterized by its clean lines, attention to detail, and ability to bring out the best in the penciled artwork he embellished. He also worked at Image. In addition to his inking work, Thibert has also demonstrated his skills as a penciler and writer. He founded his own company, Hack Shack (HS) Studios, where he published his creations including his 1994 “Black and White” series.



The 2nd printing of “Black and White Volume 1” includes an intro page, credit page, main story, ad & thank you page. The book with a printed spine has a glossy soft cover with interior pages printed in color on high-quality paper. It was published in 2019 and then reprinted in 2024 by Hack Shack Studios.

The 68-page Volume 2 of Black and White includes a credit page, main story, and an ad & thank you page. It has a spot-varnished soft cover with a printed spine printed in color on high-quality paper. Both books are perfectly bound. Volume 2 was published in January 2024 by Hack Shack Studios.

The 22-page High-Octane Adventure (ashcan or supplemental) includes the credit page, the main story, and bonus material. It is stapled with a regular cover and printed on high-quality paper. It was published in 2023 by Hack Shack Studios.

Black and White series by Art Thibert




Reed Blackett is a retired British MI-10 agent with a checkered past who has left behind a life of violence to take on the business world as an importer and exporter of fine commodities in China. While negotiating with Whitney Sung, the beautiful and headstrong heiress of the up-and-coming Sung Brothers Breweries, Reed finds himself captivated by her intelligence and drive.

But when a monster rises from the ashes of Whitney’s past and sets her world on fire, Reed steps in to save her life. He quickly learns that Whitney is no damsel in distress and that she has a mission of her own, her mission is vengeance.

Protecting Withey from her explosive anger forces Reed back into the world of lies, subterfuge, and danger for which he was trained and from which he cannot escape. But if Reed can focus on the lovely and lethal weapon that is Whitney Sung, he may have found the perfect yin to his yang, and together they can form the vigilante team known as “Black and White”.

Reed and Whitney, both skilled and driven by their pasts, struggle with their new roles as masked vigilantes. As they navigate the dangerous underworld, they rely on their unique abilities and trust in each other to survive. Along the way, they uncover a deeper conspiracy that goes beyond mere criminal activities, involving influential figures who manipulate events from the shadows.

Black and White series by Art Thibert



As the duo’s fight against corruption intensifies, they face new adversaries and more intricate challenges in “Black and White: Volume 2”. The city remains under the shadow of powerful, corrupt forces, and the vigilantes must navigate a web of deception and betrayal. Their commitment to justice leads them to make difficult choices, revealing the high personal costs of their crusade.

Black and White have boots on the ground once again as they confront Jake Chang (a.k.a JC) as he begins his campaign to bring on his new world order. So that from the ashes will rise the Phoenix World order which is ruled by deadly robots with one master. As they uncover more about the conspiracy they are up against, the line between friend and foe becomes increasingly blurred.

We know that Reed and Whitney have an adversarial relationship and that Reed is usually left holding the bag when it comes to Whitney’s less-than-stellar decisions, but will her thirst for vengeance destroy the team before it even has a chance?  Keeping Whitney focused may be the death of Reed.

Black and White series by Art Thibert



Reed and Whitney need to learn to trust each other and are training in a simulator room. Using a VR headset, they are transported into the cyberworld where they need to fight off robots.

Black and White series by Art Thibert



This is an interesting superhero series to explore. Usually, I prefer to watch rather than read superhero stories but this series has dynamic action sequences that expertly enhance the motion in the panels. The story also was engaging with a strong female lead and a great dynamic with her male partner.



In the first volume, Thibert introduces us to the world of Reed Blackett (Black) and Whitney Sung (White), two former covert operatives turned vigilantes. The story delves into their partnership and the complexities of their mission to take down corrupt organizations that plague their city.

The narrative combines high-octane action with moments of introspection, exploring themes of justice, redemption, and trust. Setting a solid foundation, blending action with character development. Thibert explores themes of trust, redemption, and justice, making the protagonists’ motivations clear and relatable. The pacing is brisk, ensuring that readers are hooked from the first page to the last. However, some might find the plot somewhat predictable, adhering closely to familiar tropes of the genre. Despite this, the strong character work and striking visuals more than compensate for any narrative clichés.

Thibert’s art is dynamic and crisp, capturing the high-octane action scenes with precision. The character designs are distinctive, making each figure stand out, and the monochromatic color scheme with occasional splashes of red adds a noirish feel to the book. The artwork, characterized by its clean lines and striking colors, enhances the gritty, noir-like atmosphere of the story. In this first volume, Thibert sets the stage for a larger conflict, developing the characters and their backstories while delivering a compelling and fast-paced introduction to the “Black and White” universe.

Black and White series by Art Thibert



“Black and White: Volume 2” is a gripping follow-up that builds on the foundation of the first volume, offering readers more character development, intense action, and a deeper dive into the complex worlds of Reed and Whitney. The stakes are higher, and the character arcs are more pronounced. Reed and Whitney’s relationship is tested as they confront new adversaries and face personal demons. Thibert’s storytelling here is more refined, offering unexpected twists and a more layered narrative.

The art in Volume 2 maintains the high standard set by the first volume but with a slightly different style using more prominent colors which makes it lose the noir vibe from the first volume. Thibert’s artwork continues to shine, with dynamic action sequences and detailed character expressions that enhance the emotional and narrative depth of the story. While I’m usually in favor of consistency, the second volume gets elevated with the bright colors which makes implementing the adapted changes a good decision.

Thibert’s detailed line work and effective use of shading continue to impress. The action sequences are particularly noteworthy, showcasing Thibert’s ability to convey emotion and intensity on the page. The dialogue is sharp and occasionally peppered with humor, adding depth to the characters and providing moments of levity amidst the darker themes.

One of the highlights of Volume 2 is the exploration of Whitney’s backstory and her relationship with the villain, giving readers a deeper understanding of her motivations and struggles. This character development is handled with care and adds emotional weight to the story. Additionally, the world-building is more pronounced, with Thibert introducing new elements and expanding the lore of the Black and White universe.

Black and White series by Art Thibert



The short story was entertaining with a distinctive artwork from the main books. The art looks like its targeting a younger audience. It reminds me of Creed: Re-Imaginary.



The “Black and White” series explores several themes that are woven throughout the story, providing a rich and thought-provoking backdrop to the action and character development in “Black and White.” Through these themes, Thibert not only entertains but also invites readers to reflect on the complexities of morality, identity, and justice. Here are the primary themes presented in the series:



The series revolves around the protagonists, Reed Blackett (Black) and Whitney Sung (White), who operate outside the law to combat corruption and crime. This theme examines the moral and ethical implications of taking justice into one’s own hands, questioning the effectiveness and righteousness of vigilantism versus the legal justice system.

The general problem that created the need for it is a broken justice system and being raised with no strong principles and morals. Often parents are afraid to be too strict when it’s needed which puts the child on a difficult road. Corruption is a cancer that contaminates the legal justice system. It is very difficult to heal it when the highest positions like the judge and prosecutors are corrupt. It takes a strong-headed head of state to remove corrupt judges and prosecutors.

In my opinion, it also questions the “grey approach” towards criminals and its consequences on society. The notion that the rights of criminals are more important than the rights of honest innocent people comes to mind, especially in Latin America and the Caribbean. International humanitarian organizations are very quick to point out when the rights of criminals are overridden but are not that quick to react when the rights of innocent civilians are violated. In many regions of the world, there is a need to bring justice back to Back and White.



Black and White use advanced technology to enhance their physical skills and fight crime. This shows how useful technology can be in their battle. But relying on technology also brings out their weaknesses and moral struggles, as their emotions and past experiences often clash with the cold, efficient nature of their tech. This contrast highlights the bigger theme of how people must find a balance between the benefits and downsides of using technology in their search for justice and redemption.

The villain’s use of technology is both sinister and transformative. The antagonist’s body is morphed with advanced tech, making him a formidable & almost inhuman force. He creates an army of robots known as the Peacekeepers to carry out his malevolent plans.

This fusion of humans and machines in the villain highlights the dark potential of technology when used for control and destruction. The Peacekeepers, with their cold efficiency and lack of moral compass, stand in stark contrast to the protagonists, emphasizing the ethical and existential dilemmas that arise from the misuse of technological power.



Trust is a critical theme, particularly in the relationship between Reed and Whitney. Their partnership relies heavily on mutual trust, which is continually tested throughout the series. The narrative often explores the impact of betrayal, both from within their ranks and from the external forces they battle against.



Both main characters are haunted by their past actions and seek redemption through their vigilante efforts. Reed wants justice to be served, and Whitney wants revenge (which she confuses with justice). Their guilt drives them to fight for a better, more just world.



The series title, “Black and White,” itself suggests themes of duality and the complexity of identity. The characters grapple with their dual identities, Reed and Whitney as civilians and as masked vigilantes. This theme explores how their dual roles affect their personal lives and sense of self.

Reed has some old demons he struggles with. Whitney as a rookie is struggling with her new responsibilities. Being a strong-headed woman with a difficult personality makes it more challenging for her to work with a partner.



The villains in the series embody corruption and abuse of power, reflecting broader societal issues. The story delves into how power can corrupt individuals and institutions, and the protagonists’ mission to expose and dismantle these corrupt entities.

The main villain thinks he is a god. He is a familiar embodiment of a philanthropist who on one hand supposedly invests in projects to help poor people through his many foundations and on the other hand breaks the rules because of his many connections in the private sector, the government, and the legal justice system to make a profit.



The dynamic between Black and White highlights themes of partnership and loyalty. Their ability to work together and support each other in their fight against crime underscores the importance of teamwork and loyalty in achieving their goals. They will need to learn to work together as they are different but at the same time complement each other like yin and yang.



Both Reed and Whitney make significant personal sacrifices in their quest for justice. This theme highlights the personal cost of their commitment to their cause, including the physical, emotional, and relational toll it takes on them.



The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for “Black and White Volume 2: Man vs Machine” was another project I backed a while back in 2021. I backed the tier with the signed Volume 1 (reprinting) Volume 2 (main Cover), and the High-Octane Adventure.

The monthly updates on the progress of the project were not provided frequently on the Indiegogo platform or via email especially in 2022 (during August, and November). However, updates were also provided on the creator’s YouTube channel or the shows and podcasts he participates in such as the YouTube show “The Broffesionals”.

Compared to other professionals such as Nolan and Lopresti what I missed on this project is a clear timeline of the work performed or to be performed. It was not clear what was completed at what time, what the deadlines were, and if there were setbacks what was done to overcome them and get the job done. Communication is important at all times but it’s even more important to document this properly and make it as clear as possible.

The tracking number was provided timely. I received 3 books, 8 trading cards, one pin, one patch, and 2 stickers. The books were all packaged in one bag, not back and boarded. Most of the remaining products were stored in a small bag and taped to the book bag, the pin was taped separately, which helped keep them in place in the Gemini mailer.

Black and White series by Art Thibert



“Black and White” introduces new readers to Reed Blackett (Black) and Whitney Sung (White), two former covert operatives who have turned to vigilantism to fight corruption and crime in their city. The story follows their partnership as they take on a powerful and corrupt organization that threatens to plunge the city into chaos.

“Black and White Volume 1: In a Grey World” and Black and White Volume 2: Man vs Machine” were visually engaging and very entertaining. The series showcases Thibert’s ability to craft engaging stories and characters using current-day references without outdating the story, highlighting his versatility beyond inking.

The series is a must-read for fans of superhero American comics who appreciate a blend of classic and contemporary elements but the casual reader or a newcomer to the genre would also be interested because of the multiple themes that are explored in the story.

While the narrative may sometimes tread familiar ground, the execution is top-notch, and the character-driven storytelling ensures that readers are emotionally invested in the journey of Reed and Whitney. “Black and White” offers a visually captivating and narratively satisfying read that promises more exciting developments in future volumes. “Black and White” is indeed back in business.

Black and White series by Art Thibert


The crowdfunding campaign is closed. As of date, the books are not available yet on Hopefully, they will be available soon on the website or on the next campaign. Interested in more titles? Check more GRAPHIC NOVELS from the “EYES ON” series wherein I documented my experience with supporting crowdfunded entertainment and shared my notes on the products I received.


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