Ghosts of Matecumbe Key


In the sweltering heat of the Florida Keys, the dead are returning! The crimes of today uncover the crimes of the past as private investigators, Mysty Fahrenheit and Mike “Meathead” Rutowski have to unravel the mystery of “The Ghosts of Matecumbe Key”


“Ghosts of Matecumbe Key,” is the next installment in the gripping “NolanVerse” saga consisting of Monster Island, Joe Frankenstein, The Chenoo, and Alien Alamo. Graham Nolan once again proves himself as both a master storyteller and a visionary artist. Known for his work on titles in DC Batman Detective Comics and being the co-creator of the Batman villain “Bane”, Nolan brings his unparalleled talent in this graphic novel that promises to be a lynchpin story, tying together the intricate threads of the NolanVerse universe.



Joining Nolan in bringing this tale to life as the creator, writer and illustrator is a talented team of collaborators. Gregory Wright’s colors infuse each scene with atmosphere and emotion, while Carlos M. Mangual’s lettering ensures that every word resonates with power and clarity.

Meanwhile, Nolan showcases his artistic talents on 3 covers, with Kelsey Shannon providing the stunning cover colors for Cover A that will undoubtedly draw readers in from the very first glance. With a special variant cover by Kelley Jones colored by Gregory Wright, the Ghosts of Matecumbe Key has an interesting cover collection to admire.

Ghosts of Matecumbe Key



Ghosts of Matecumbe Key is a ghost mystery tale for young & adults. Ghosts of Matecumbe Key is a 72-page, perfect-bound graphic novel with a printed spine and spot-varnished soft cover printed in color on high-quality paper.

The book has a credits page, and the main story is told on 60 pages with a 3-page epilogue of Monster Island. The bonus material includes the origin of the Ghosts of Matecumbe Key, a cover gallery, pin-ups, an artistic thank you page, and an ad for the Monster Island Saga. The book was published in January 2024 by Compass Comics.

Ghosts of Matecumbe Key



Meet Mysty Fahrenheit and Mike “Meathead” Rutowski, private investigators. He’s a former MMA fighter, and his partner is some psychic. Set in the summer heat of the Florida Keys, Misty, and Mike are investigating a missing person’s case. They discover that the case is connected to a drug cartel smuggling drugs laced with fentanyl into the country.

Ghosts of Matecumbe Key


Sadly, the missing individual stumbled upon a batch of drugs spiked with fentanyl and died immediately. At the same time, a real estate development project linked to the cartel faces a threat when an old car from the 1930s containing bodies is uncovered, potentially halting construction. It appears the area is haunted by a ghost searching for a woman.

During their investigation, Misty and Mike find the missing person’s deceased body, and Misty can see his ghost. Meanwhile, they are ambushed by the cartel’s henchmen, who were burying the 1930s car in the Florida Keys swamps. Misty discovers there are many restless spirits in the Keys. Now, they must confront the cartel and aid these ghosts in finding peace. Can they fight off the mafia and help these spirits cross over to the other side?


Ghosts of Matecumbe Key



The themes explored in “Ghost of Matecumbe Key” delve into the complexities of the human experience and the haunting consequences of the past. Here are some of the key themes present in the graphic novel:



The story delves into the idea that actions have consequences and that the past has a way of catching up with individuals. The crimes committed by both the living and the dead reverberate through time, affecting the present in profound ways.



“Ghost of Matecumbe Key” explores the supernatural realm and the mysteries it holds. The presence of ghosts and paranormal occurrences adds an element of intrigue and suspense, blurring the lines between the natural and the supernatural.



As the characters unravel the mysteries surrounding Matecumbe Key, they seek justice for past wrongs and closure for those who have been denied it. The quest for justice drives the narrative forward, as the characters confront the injustices of the past and strive to make things right.



The graphic novel delves into the power of memory and history to shape our identities and influence our actions. The ghosts of Matecumbe Key are bound by their pasts, unable to find peace until their stories are told and their memories acknowledged.

One of the characteristics of the NolanVerse stories is that they take place in the past and present which makes it even more important for the readers to understand the value of history.



Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of “Ghosts of Matecumbe Key” is its role as the linchpin story of the NolanVerse. For fans of the NolanVerse, this is a must-read, a pivotal chapter in a larger narrative that continues to unfold with special appearances of characters from Alien Alamo and Joe Frankenstein. It’s also cool to see cameos of the Brofessionals.

Ghosts of Matecumbe Key


The Brofessionals is a weekly YouTube show hosted by professional American comic book artists Graham Nolan, Billy Tucci (Miss Fury: Joy Division), Andy Smith (Kordrath: The Reckoning), Art Thibert, and Dan Fraga. The show is hosted on a rotation basis on each professional’s channel and is usually themed. They discuss the history of American Comics, their experiences in the industry, and their artwork, making the show educational and fun while keeping it professional.


Ghosts of Matecumbe Key


As both the writer and artist, Nolan delivers a story with interesting characters such as the imposing Mike and the charming & clever Misty that is as rich in depth as it is in suspense. With each page turn, readers are drawn deeper into the shadowy world of the Florida Keys, where the past and present collide with chilling consequences. Nolan’s distinctive artistic style breathes life into every panel, from the sun-drenched beaches, and creepy rainy swamps, to the dimly lit alleys, creating a visceral experience that immerses readers in the heart-pounding action. The dialogue is engaging and well-placed on the panels.



The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for Ghosts of Matecumbe Key had many interesting tiers in addition to the book which was available with 4 Nolan covers and one Kelly Jones Cover. I backed the tier with the Nolan cover A and one of the T-shirt tiers.

Weekly updates on the progress of the project were provided as is customary. The tracking number was provided timely and everything was well packaged and well received including the book, the T-shirt, a bookmark, 3 trading cards, a Ghosts of Matecumbe Key sticker, a “Monster Island” (comic book-size) print, and a “Thank You” letter, which is always appreciated.

This would be the 5th time I’ve backed a Nolan project (Alien Alamo, Giant Sized Two Fisted Many Tales, Joe Frankenstein Part 1, and Joe Frankenstein Part 2) and so far, the experience has been great. Graham is a professional at managing his campaigns and manages his time striving to always deliver on time and as promised.


Ghosts of Matecumbe Key



“Ghosts of Matecumbe Key” is more than just a graphic novel—it’s a journey into the heart of darkness, where the past holds sway and the lines between reality and the supernatural blur. With its captivating story, breathtaking artwork, and stellar creative team, it’s a testament to the enduring power of storytelling in the hands of a true master.

As of date, the crowdfunding campaign for Ghosts of Matecumbe Key is closed but Cover A and Cover B are directly for sale on the Compass Comics website. The current Nolan crowdfunding project is the re-release of the “Monster Island” saga under the Compass Comics banner, which as of date is already in demand on Indiegogo. The next campaign will be “Joe Frankenstein 3: The Eye of Ra” which will be launched soon. Check them out!

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