Wart The Wizard

The Wart The Wizard series presents an interactive adventure. You will begin your adventure into Brightmoore by being introduced to the main character, Wart, as he gathers what items he has at home and places them into his inventory to pursue an average day as a LEVEL ONE WIZARD. Wait, what?​


That’s right! Wart The Wizard was inspired by the video game series, “King’s Quest”, and MMORPGs such as “EverQuest” and “World of Warcraft”. Wart has both an experience bar and an inventory. Every character in Wart The Wizard has levels, ID cards, and can be further researched in the compendium at the back of the book.

Among the trials that Wart The Wizard will face, you’ll see the world through the eyes of the beloved, yet foolish, Wart The Wizard, as he endures challenges he is not yet prepared for. Adventure is only a moment away. Let’s go!

Wart The Wizard



Wart The Wizard series is written by Mandy Summers (Jack The Ripper: Vampire Hunter, SuperDeath), illustrated and lettered by Peter Gilmore (Jack The Ripper: Vampire Hunter, SuperDeath) including all cover art.



Wart the Wizard is a 64+ page perfect bound graphic novel printed on high-quality paper in full color. It is about a fun fantasy adventure for all ages but it’s especially great for kids. The sequel Wart the Wizard: Portal of Echoes is a 48+ page stapled graphic novel printed on high-quality paper in full color. This second issue goes a little bit darker which could scare kids.

The books were published by Stuntman Comics in 2021. Stuntman Comics is an independent comic book publishing company that was established in 2019 by Mandy Summers. As of date, they have 4 titles published on their catalog including Jack the Ripper: Vampire Hunter which were available on the crowdfunding campaign.

Wart The Wizard



The Wart The Wizard series so far has the following two issues:


The story takes place in the realm of Brightmoore. This mystical land is a home for the hopeful, a venue for the vile, and a hideaway for hilariousness. Wart will find himself on a legendary QUEST that he is nowhere near prepared for and must use both his wit and the items he finds along the way to discover a hidden castle containing the most powerful relic in Brightmoore, as well as the most sinister dark wizard of all time, Gravemoss.


Wart The Wizard has returned for an all-new adventure, except this time he’s not alone. What Wart believed to simply be a magical orb that he had stolen from the dark wizard, Gravemoss, was in fact a Nexus Orb that hatched the rarest of all creatures, a Portal Dragon named Lixeon.

For the first time ever, Wart The Wizard will be leaving the realm of Brightmoore and traveling across incredible worlds such as Lochmoore & Shadowmoore. Wart The Wizard still has an inventory and will be collecting items and figuring out how to use them along the way to continue his journey.

Wart The Wizard



The stories are entertaining and engaging for kids. Wart’s character gives the opportunity to communicate with kids. His personality takes him down a path of adventure that can be dangerous at times. When that happens it’s good to check with the kids what they think about it.

Further making the art resemble a video game was a brilliant idea. The current generation is very familiar with online games and making a story look like one makes them interested to read the book.

To go even further this particular story can be even more engaging in other formats such as a sticker book, an actual game, or even animation. Lastly, it is very impressive to see that the same creative team for Wart The Wizard is the same team that created Jack The Ripper: Vampire Hunter.



Wart The Wizard is a great series for kids. It is good to have something for the little ones. Most comics these days unfortunately have too many mature teams that are not suitable for kids. Wart transports them into a world of fantasy and adventure that is appropriate for their age.

Copies of “Ward The Wizard” and “Wart The Wizard Portal of Echoes” were available on The Jack The Ripper: Vampire Hunter crowdfunding campaign but these had their own crowdfunding campaign earlier that are now closed. But don’t worry the physical copies are available for sale on the Stuntman Comics web store.

Check my notes on the crowdfunding experience with the Jack The Ripper: Vampire Hunter Crowdfunding campaign. Interested in more titles? Check more COMIC BOOKS and GRAPHIC NOVELS under the “EYES ON” series wherein I documented my experience with crowdfunding entertainment and shared my notes on the products I received.


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