Wulf and Batsy


WULF and BATSY chronicles the adventures of Cevin “Wulf” Orlock, a ferocious Werewolf, and Batsy, a cute Vampiress, as they wander the earth in search of a place to call home.

But everywhere they go, they end up eating people and getting run out of town. It’s not an easy thing to be a Monster.



Wulf and Basty is written, illustrated, and lettered by Bryan Baugh. The horror adventure series was nominated as “Best Horror Comic Book of 2008” by the online Rondo Hatton Awards.

Initially published by Viper Comics in 2008, the Wulf and Batsy series was republished by Alterna Comics in 2021 for mature audiences in stand-alone black and white single-issue stories to break up the pace, in between the long, multi-issue story arcs. In 2023, the series went back to being self-published by Bryan.



Wulf and Basty #8 and #9 are each a 32-page floppy comic book printed on newspaper-like material in black and white, similar to what you would find in a Reader’s Digest. The series is rated for Mature Readers 17+. The books were published by Alterna Comics in 2023.

Wulf and Batsy



Wulf and Batsy issues 8 and 9 are the first two chapters of the new 4-part story arc, “The Fall of the House of Zag-Zog”. The stories are of a different kind, more inspired by old crime novels than horror stories.




After decades of searching for a place to call home, Wulf and Batsy have finally found one: the Zag-Zog Mansion, the former residence of their arch-enemy Professor Von Zag-Zog!  What could possibly go wrong?

Wulf enjoys the quiet in Professor Von Zag-Zog’s nice library until Batsy wakes up and starts singing and dancing in her room. After that, she comes downstairs in a skimpy outfit walking around half naked. Wulf is frustrated as according to the supernatural world rules they are eternally separated by the barrier of Batsy’s undead.

All the time he thought she was flirting, she was just dead and amnemonic. Wulf on the other hand is a werewolf with the urges of any living animal. In all the places they have been, he found a female prey to fulfill his urges but he didn’t tell Batsy about it.

Suddenly a group of humans barges into their house looking for Blonda (a reporter who came to interview Professor Zag-Zog during the Bizarre Experiments story arc). Pamela, her sister is hellbent on finding her. Snyder, her husband doesn’t think Blonda is in danger but Pamela and Stu, Blonda’s fiancee, hire Detective Lawrence Mondello Sr. and his assistant Lisette to investigate.

Wulf and Batsy want to kill them all but Wulf wants to do it strategically so it doesn’t raise any suspicion in the outside world otherwise they will have to flee again.




A group of humans arrived at Cevin “Wulf” Orlock and Batsy’s new home looking for Blonda, one of them the victims of Professor Zag-Zog. While Cevin plots a strategy to get rid of the humans starting with driving one into suicide.

The detective wants to involve the police since it’s a murder case but Stu wants it to be kept as a private investigation. He proceeds to fire the detective. As Batsy is exploring the basement she encounters the former owner of Zag-Zog Mansion: none other than Professor Von Zag-Zog himself, back from the dead.

He wants nothing else to eliminate them but Wulf informs him that some home invaders need to be taken care of. He proposed something that surprised Batsy and even the professor.

Wulf and Batsy



Wulf and Batsy, the dynamic duo of horror comics, return in issues 8 and 9 with a gripping new story arc, “The Fall of the House of Zag-Zog.”

Penned, illustrated, and lettered by the talented Bryan Baugh, this series has captivated readers with its ferocious Werewolf and cute female Vampire duo as they navigate a world that constantly rejects them. Their adventures are told in story arcs of multiple issues.


Issues 8 and 9 each printed on newspaper-like material in black and white adds a timeless quality to the series, harking back to classic horror comics.



“The Fall of the House of Zag-Zog” kicks off with Wulf and Batsy finally finding a place to call home, the Zag-Zog Mansion, the former residence of their arch-enemy, Professor Von Zag-Zog.

In Issue 8, the stage is set for a thrilling tale as the duo’s peace gets interrupted by a group of humans getting into their new home.

The narrative takes a departure from traditional horror, drawing inspiration from old crime novels, and adding a layer of suspense and intrigue. The issue ends with the rise of an old evil force.



Issue 9 continues the story, with nosy humans invading Wulf and Batsy’s new home. This is how Wulf and Batsy see it. As Cevin plots a strategy to eliminate them, Batsy encounters a shocking revelation, Professor Von Zag-Zog, the former owner of Zag-Zog Mansion, is back from the dead.

This time not all the nosy humans are bad people, the detective and his assistant seems decent, yet Wulf and Batsy don’t seem to care. Wulf drives one into suicide and is proud of it. It’s not like the victim was a hateful human being.

Wulf and Batsy are not the good guys, they do everything to kill the humans, even joining forces with their enemy. Issue 9 changed my perception of Wulf and Batsy. They are no longer beings who just want to be left alone and don’t want to harm anyone voluntarily but are forced by their circumstances.

Now, they seem to enjoy it and go to extremes to get what they want. They are starting to behave like the monsters they fought against in previous issues.

The blend of horror and crime elements makes for a compelling narrative, keeping readers on the edge of their seats. Bryan Baugh’s artwork continues to impress, capturing the essence of horror and suspense with detailed illustrations and expressive characters.



Issue 8 and Issue 9 were part of the Alterna Comics AUGUST 2023 Pre-orders Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign which contained only the preorders for four comic book titles. At the time, you could also preorder and buy existing issues from the Alterna Comics catalog including Wulf and Batsy directly from the Alterna Comics website.

From the August campaign, I selected directly from the website Wulf and Batsy #7 and #8, and Unit 44 #8, #14, #15, AF 6 Alterna Series Trading Cards, and from the King Cryptid Campaign that was simultaneously going on I ordered the issues, the Collector Case + King Cryptid Insert, the King Cryptid Series 2 Trading Card Pack and the bags & boards for the issues ordered.

The updates on the progress of the campaigns were shared via email and in the update section of the Indiegogo campaign. The tracking number was provided timely and the package arrived in good condition containing the Collector Case + King Cryptid Insert, 2X Alterna Series Trading Cards (#14, #15, and AF6), Wulf and Batsy issue 7 and issue 8, and Unit 44 issue 8.

Wulf and Batsy



Wulf and Batsy are no longer in the Alterna Comics catalog as the creator parted ways based on “creative differences”. Not knowing the details, I hope it’s not an ego thing. Would love for creators to be open to learning and be open-minded to suggestions to improve their work.

I also hope that the work ethic, quality of customer service, packaging, and delivery remain the same. Based on the new online store that mentions that the comics bought will be bagged boarded and mailed in a protective Gemini mailer it seems that all is good with the packaging of Wulf and Batsy.

Alterna creators have started to take the reigns and manage their crowdfunding campaigns which is great to see. I had a good experience with the Tinseltown trade paperback campaign by David Lucarelli.



Wulf and Batsy Issues 8 and 9 offer a refreshing take on the series with a new story arc that blends horror and crime elements. Bryan Baugh’s creative vision shines through, delivering a thrilling narrative accompanied by striking artwork. You will find gore, partial nudity tastefully illustrated, and even some relationship challenges.

At the beginning of the series, the adventures of Wulf and Batsy are fun to read but issues 8 and 9 take a dark turn. Makes me want to call the Wraith of God on Wulf and Batsy.

The adventures of Wulf and Batsy will continue under the self-publishing brand of Bryan Baugh. Interested in Wulf and Batsy #1-#7? Check my notes on EYES ON WULF AND BATSY PART 1 and PART 2. The physical copies of the Wulf and Batsy series are available at the Bryan Baugh online store cryptlogic.bigcartel.com

For more interesting titles check COMIC BOOKS under the “EYES ON” series I documented my experience with crowdfunding entertainment and shared my notes on the products I received.


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