How is it possible that children are so easily exposed to visuals intended for adults these days? Is forced exposure the abuse of innocents? What happened to common sense?


As we grow, we learn in stages and deal with challenges that came during these stages as we are growing up. The way we deal with those challenges and the experience we get facing those challenges help us mature.

Children/Toddlers from ages 2 to 7 are constantly in the phase of exploring and learning about the different colors and shapes, that exploration and discovery are important for their development. Butt they should be presented in a way they understand, and that is appropriate for them. They have an innocent view of everything and everyone. They are not able to identify bad intentions. The presentation should be at the child’s level.

Every time the natural progression of learning is disturbed it has an impact on the child’s mental health and thinking abilities. The child will find it familiar the next time he/she sees someone with similar attire. They grow up thinking that what they experienced is normal. For example, imagine seeing a family “friendly” show with someone dressed like a stripper, recently there have been some visuals on social media exposing these kinds of shows performed in the West in daylight. Forced Exposure: The Abuse of the Innocent, is this only a problem of the West?

So far it has been the female anatomy body that is exploited but imagine if it’s about a male doing the show for children. And with family-friendly, I mean babies from starting 2 years old are at these shows performed in daylight. What is happening?



Now let’s say that these particular shows have “good intentions”. The presentation matters. I guarantee you there will be more shows with not-so-good intentions, where the children think because of their experience that they would be safe with someone looking like a stripper not knowing the dangers of the environment they are in, for example, the person could be a child molester.

When it’s the parents and grandparents that bring their small children to these types of shows. It is quite disturbing and difficult to understand why they chose to do so. The shows don’t have to be so oversexualized. I’m wondering what they are thinking, and they can be fun if they are made age-appropriate. Although we see this happen mostly in the West if we don’t pay attention it easily can happen everywhere else.

The problem is that parents are not parenting these days. Most parents let the iPad and TV raise their kids and kids find ways to see things they are not supposed to see as they are so easily available to them on many occasions with minimal supervision.

Probably there are only a few parents these days that would sit down with them and explain to them that they should not be over-friendly with strangers. “Don’t hug them. Don’t let them touch you”. That is what they should learn. If someone does tell Mommy or Daddy. Other times it’s the babysitter that raises the kids. It used to be the grandparents that help raise the kids but more and more parents choose to send them to retirement homes or just ignore them.

Here’s what I don’t understand. There are parents that would not let their children give a hug to Donald Duck but are perfectly fine with their young kid watching a sexualized performance and in some cases even performing sexualized shows in bars or strip clubs.

Children should be children. They should play, discover, and learn. They should not be exposed to adult content.

Everyone can procreate but not everyone has the mental stability or capacity to take care of a child. That doesn’t mean that the child shouldn’t get the opportunity to have a proper life. There are many stable people who are honestly willing to adopt for the right reasons. Unfortunately, the adoption process in many countries is very bureaucratic and often favors the wealthy and those that are in the business of temporary adoption.



Children need Protection. One would think that most people are smart enough to understand something so simple, but we have come to appoint in a society where people just don’t care anymore if their personal goals are reached and if they are accepted in their group.

People lack sympathy and empathy for others. Regarding children, someone who cares about the well-being of children would understand that children should be allowed to be children.  Unless they have through some stuff themselves and are carrying trauma that they are projecting on others.

And, too many people are confusing schools and the internet with parenting. Schools and Netflix shouldn’t be raising your kid it’s your job as a parent to do so. The schools are there to educate kids on basic subjects such as math, science, and technology but also allow children to develop skills in sports, arts, handiwork, and business.

Sometimes you also have the mental impact of the pandemic on people specifically the lockdowns and the layoffs. Many people seem not to care about others. They don’t have any morality left. People are desperate for acceptance, access, and money and they don’t seem to care how they achieve it if it gets done. Losing morality, religion, and freedom are the destruction of societies.

It is concerning how others take over the role of the parent due to their financial situation, and societal pressures. But they should take responsibility as parents they have an obligation to raise their kids. I wish they could streamline the adoption process and make it an effective process the way they put energy and resources to streamline the abortion process.

How is it possible that the wealthy and celebrities are able to adopt more than 3 children and when a middle-class couple wants to do the same, they are looked at as if they were crazy people? Taking the decision to have a large family means committing to invest time “quality time”, and providing for and taking care of the family. They spend “quality” time with the kids’ many parents.

This is why it is concerning when other people take that role over and have some kind of influence on the kids. Parents are not instant equal to a guide, mentor, or friend. A parent has the authority role that the previously mentioned don’t have. However, it doesn’t mean that a parent can take one of those roles during certain life periods of their child.



There should be some kind of background check for school teachers, mentors, and social workers that have direct contact with children. It would be great to have an institution that supervises schools, training centers, and foundations. it could establish regulations for a reporting system for questionable behavior like yearly due diligence checks.

In the West, there are way too many cases where teachers and other school employees have been charged with pedophilia including a big case of at least 181 K-12 (kindergarten) educators charged with child sex crimes in the first half of 2022. 140 of the arrests, or 77%, involved alleged sex crimes against students (5/6-Year-old). It makes you question the whole education system. How weak is it that everyone can be hired and in contact with the most vulnerable?




Infants are vulnerable and unable to defend themself from predators. Online safe spaces for children such as Q Chat should be regulated. There should be general consensus between the several jurisdictions where the website is operating to identify who is talking to the children. There is no guarantee that there won’t be predators speaking with the children especially when there is an option for the child to hide the chat from the parents‘ view.

In schools in the West, they encourage children to hide things from their parents and go so far as to give them medication without the parents’ consent. These used to be considered safe spaces for children. Now many are choosing to homeschool for security reasons.

It seems that even the rating system has changed for commercial mediums. There are explicit adult-oriented advertisements out in the public on billboards and online. It looks like the definition for PG has changed to NC-17 and Rated R. Family-friendly means something completely different these days:

Exhibit A of a Family-Friendly Event

Exhibit B of a Family-Friendly Event

Exhibit C of a Family-Friendly Event

With the way things are changing so fast, we have to become more aware of trends that are definitely not in line with our culture. A family is an important unit in society and it should be supported. For many years already we have allowed others to influence the way we see relationships and family. That influence can be seen in the many incomplete families that exist. This has also had a significant impact on how children are raised and how safe they feel in that environment.



I say it again: Children need Protection. Their brains are way underdeveloped to make proper decisions. This is why you don’t let kids eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner just because they want to. They are at the age where they wouldn’t understand the consequences of their decisions, especially on their health.

Growing up I often hear about parents being overprotective. Now it is the first time I’m experiencing parents being unprotective. Children need space to explore and learn. Overprotection limits that. Unprotection makes it dangerous. Finding the perfect balance to facilitate kids’ exploration and learning is difficult for parents to find.



In the mainstream, the normal has become abnormal. Wanting a child to be a child, not worrying about race or gender is now racist and sexist. I don’t understand this clown world we are currently living in where common sense has become abnormal. Luckily there are still a few people willing to defend children’s rights and not let them get exposed to any kind of abuse, be it mental or physical.

But there are still way too many that have already made severe damage to their children’s mental state. What would probably happen in the near future is a generation of young adults suing their parents for taking physically altering decisions on their behalf, causing emotional damage, and not being able to be the protective parents they were supposed to be.

It is concerning how many children are exposed to what they are not ready for. There is so much one can do when you are not the parent, other than bringing awareness to them about how the situation is not appropriate for kids. Of course, you must be prepared for their defensive mode but that is normal. Being there for the most vulnerable and offering our support.

The support can be offered in many forms including manifesting to lawmakers and government officials the need to work on offering a support platform to victims and set up strict punishments for the perpetrators. Voting for people that want to do the work. Turning a blind eye to the problem is not an option that many people choose to do. It’s not about you, it’s about someone weaker than you that needs protection.  Let’s protect our children, our future generation.




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