After a racing mishap strands James “Shotgun” King somewhere in time, he meets Eli, a young adventurer toying with magic and mysteries far beyond his control. Godlike beings, future tech, and an advanced race of gorillas can be found in the pages of Gods and Gears. A fantastic journey awaits!


Gods and Gears is a great sci-fi fantasy adventure for all ages. Nowadays, we don’t see many stories appropriate stories for kids. It seems that it has become normal to structure stories and create the art for adults in kids’ stories forgetting that these are stories for the younger ones. This Gods and Gears limited series is told in such a way that everyone can enjoy it. But if you keep in mind that it is a clean adventure for kids, you realize the story structure is brilliantly told with positive messages that are geared to improve the human spirit and human relations.



The Gods and Gears limited series was written by Ryan Winn, illustrated by Dean Kotz, and lettered by Wes Locher.



The limited series consists of 4 published issues, told in non-sequential order. Most of the issues contain approximately 32 pages. The stories are printed in full color on traditional old newspaper-like material in floppy format. Gods and Gears was first published by Alterna Comics in 2019.

Alterna Comics was founded in 2006 by publisher Peter Simeti and has gone on to help produce over 100 titles since then. Alterna Comics titles are distributed to readers and retailers worldwide from their online store.

Gods and Gears



The story takes place in Carbon City, MI, in 1910 and starts out with Captain Driver, a car racer, and his mechanic, James “Shotgun” King a.k.a Jimmy, preparing for the start of the Time Trials for the 10th Annual Carbon City Grand Prix, a popular car racing event.  They will use their combustible conveyance, the aerobatic auto carriage, Charger.

While Captain Driver is into magic, Jimmy is into tech. Captain Driver is trying a new potion, the machina enginium, that will allow his mind to connect with the car they are racing.  As they go for a jump, suddenly a portal opens.

Gods and Gears

Jimmy loses his grip on the car and gets sucked in, and is transported back in time to 1890 South America, where magic and tech are at odds, and intelligent Gorillas are chasing a boy who does magic. In the meantime, an evil that has been locked away for years getting ready to come back, and get revenge on the boy for what his grandfather did to her.



The story of Gods and Gears is told in 4 issues:


After a racing mishap strands James “Shotgun” King somewhere in time, he meets Eli, a young adventurer toying with powerful magic far beyond his control.


It’s a rumble in the jungle as Jimmy learns that his new home is far from paradise. Eli discovers his grandad’s long-buried secrets. Meanwhile, Ezimar realizes a strange boy from the future might be the key to her escape.


Finding that they’re getting on each other’s nerves, Eli and Jimmy agree to go their separate ways. But the two of them quickly realize there’s strength in numbers as monstrous spaceships and an undead threat begin to close around them!


Ezimar, the cosmic witch, is out for revenge, and Jimmy and Eli are in her way. It’s an epic showdown that will rattle the cosmos!  But when the dust settles… what will be left of the world as they know it??



Gods and Gears is an entertaining Sci-Fi Fantasy Adventure series for all ages. It is a crazy wild adventure that includes tech and magic but the story is clean for all ages to enjoy, especially kids. The stories stimulate the imagination while also giving out positive messages.



As soon as Jimmy enters into the new world he is confronted with his fear of heights. He gets help in some way but as the story continues, he will overcome his fear on his own.



Eli’s family is an example of commitment and selflessness. After what Eli did to his father and his brothers they managed to stay together and forgive him because he is just a kid. His mom is a great example of love, commitment, and selflessness. She could have easily left her husband who is now a gorilla-like specimen unfortunately, many modern women would do. Instead, the change didn’t influence her love for her family and her commitment to her partner to support him during the good and bad times. It doesn’t mean that the situation is not difficult for her and requires many sacrifices on her part.



The cosmic with Ezimar is an example of where hatred and vengeance lead to. Cultivating hatred just generates negative vibes around you that will only make your life miserable and difficult. Even when you get your vengeance in the end you feel empty and alone.



Jimmy’s final message to Eli was beautiful and inspirational geared for him and his family to overcome their family issues:

“Love each other with all your hearts. Accept each other’s flaws and learn from your own mistakes. Most importantly forgive each other when you can. It’s good for the heart. You have a home and showed me, love, at a time when I was lost.”

My only criticism is the amount of open space left in issue #1 pages 2,3, and 4. Those 3 panels could have fit on one page instead of spreading them individually leaving so much space open.

Gods and Gears


Overall, I think the story was told very well. A more complicated storyline with a darker enemy is not really necessary if you want to keep it for all ages. Simple stories can be told with an uplifting message.

Frankly, I’m tired of the doom and gloom in books and films. After the period we all went through with the pandemic what we need is optimistic and uplifting stories. Stories about the betterment of humanity. We need more stories about characters that want to help humanity and less about misunderstood demi gods, wizards, demons, and devils that corrupt humanity but are still presented as the good guys.

With our wallets we can show which stories we want to support, it’s not necessary to watch or listen to something just because it’s trending. You can influence the discord by choosing something different, alternative entertainment.



Gods and Gears is an engaging optimistic tale for the whole family. It gives you hope that things will get better if you decide to make the necessary changes. And it takes courage to make that change. For example, Jimmy decides to forgive his dad instead of cultivating resentment. He wouldn’t have been able to do it if he didn’t have recent life experiences that gave him the courage to take that difficult step.

The physical editions and digital editions are available at Alterna Comics. “Gods & Gears” is not part of the “EYES ON” series as it is not part of any recent Alterna Comics crowdfunding campaign specifically. Recently, Alterna Comics crowdfunding campaign backers that were used to back the campaigns on Indiegogo were given the option to back directly from the Alterna Comics website.

The benefit of backing directly from the website is having access to all of Alterna’s available existing published titles and merchandise. Gods and Gears is one of those existing published titles. What I personally love is that all your orders are grouped and shipped in one package which is financially more favorable for some people like me. But they also ship items separately for a fee for those who wish to receive the available items earlier.

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