For a creature of habit, the day started just like any other. Edrick completed his morning routine and went to work, and then chaos unfolds in Evolution.


In “Evolution” events happen that begin to reveal humanity’s greatest hidden secrets and what it means to be human. Now Edrick is on the run, a fugitive among his people. He is joined by others who work to escape a fate that could affect all. As events unfold and truths are uncovered, Edrick will learn a lot more than he ever expected. But will he survive the knowledge?



Evolution written by Adega Outlaw is the second book in a Sci-Fi saga that so far consists of a prequel “Children of the Directive” and a trilogy consisting of “Evolution”, “Revolution”, and “Resolution”.  Adega has been a long-time student of science, religion, philosophy, and humanity. He currently battles an incurable long-term form of cancer.

Writing is how he is trying to leave his thoughts on life as a legacy for his family and those who may be interested in an alternative take on many aspects of what it means to be human and evolve, all set in a science fiction story. Evolution is just the beginning.



The story is set one thousand years in the future in human history. All characters within this and the author’s other books are based on real people and experiences, though now set in a fictional universe.

I got the limited hard-cover bound edition from Amazon a while ago. It is a 140-page book printed on good-quality white paper.‎ The text is printed with a larger font than usual. The dimensions of the book are 8.25 x 0.52 x 11 inches.




In this world, everyone has a personal provider device designed like a wristband. The device provides was the individual needs for the day. The city is made in perfect symmetry. Gardeners and horticulturalists made paradise. Engineers designed and build giant orbs, cones, cylinders and a wide variety of perfect shapes of homes and officers spread out far from each other to maximize the land for greenery.

Society had recovered just over a millennia ago from chaos to bring about the most fulfilling and peaceful communities ever imagined. Everything had a place and everyone had a purpose. Long ago it was deemed a better use of land to maximize it for agriculture and beautification. The earth above became an endless ocean of gardens and parks. The earth below became a metropolis with holographic artificial environmental substitutes that made living deep within the earth easily palatable.




Edrick is an ordinary creature of habit, with the same style of clothing, the same color schemes, and the same breakfast. Maybe this was because of his vocation, the perfect order of society, or his mundane childhood. He was a man of correct patterns and mathematical placements. And his life was dedicated to it, mostly.

He lived with his roommate Ged. They had a roommate agreement out of convenience, not friendship, although they did talk on occasion. They had a daily habit to acknowledge each other every morning. However, Edrick noticed something unusual with the greetings but he didn’t pay much attention to it and went to work as usual.



Edrick is arriving at his destination, a government building used for information storage and networking, which was having a slowdown of data transfer. It was his job to find and correct the problem, if possible. Once at the clearinghouse, all admittance was approved automatically, digitally effortlessly. Once inside he greeted the white and blue simulated nano marble walls, columns, and floors that would change and adapt by micromechanics nearly instantly dependent on the individual needs.

His job was to look into a holographic representation of the crystal lattice and organic component of computers. And once he gains access to this, he could see errors or malfunctioning representations that appeared as out-of-place, shapes, colors, or patterns. On a quantum level, he could then repair any abnormalities and restore order and lost information. He usually doesn’t have any issues with his work until now. Something unusual happened to him in the process of solving an identified malfunction.



There was a large data dump into his organic circuitry, it was inaccessible and encrypted. He was in danger. Instantly thoughts of having illegal data, government secrets, and corporate secure data shoved into his head by mistake made him panic because it all appears like a crime so he decides to go home. His roommate destroyed his provider and give him a new one. Edrick is still in panic mode and getting angry not understanding anything.

Ged told him that it had everything to do with his job. He was downloaded with extremely important data and physical tools to help him escape. He told him that it was a good thing since the invention of singularity zero-point energy. With that, he showed Edrick to the door and finished with:

“Don’t look back, don’t settle for the easy answers, and keep your mind open. You are in for one amazing ride”.

With the feeling that he just jumps a cliff without wings, Edrick must find the answers he needs but he won’t be alone. His new personal provider DT, a more interactive and sophisticated program built with a female A.I., which was illegal in his world will make his journey more interesting. But will he find the answers he is looking for and survive the journey?



Evolution is just the start of the world-building of a fascinating universe. There are more novels to read including “The Children of the Directive” which is basically a prequel to “Evolution”. Then following up Evolution, we have the novels “Revolution” and “Resolution”.



Before the events in the Evolution book series, there were those who sought to bring about the domination of the universe and place humanity as the ultimate and dominant life form. This group of humans was part of a breakaway civilization known as “The Directive”.

Because of the arrogance and pride of those within the Directive, forces were put into motion that would lead to the ultimate destruction of all life including humans. However, something happens that brings about a chance, a small window of opportunity for the people of and from Earth to survive. This is the story of May.

The Children of the Directive



The Evolution saga continues in “Revolution”. Humanity is now faced with the realization that they were too complacent and too naive for far too long. Threats from without and division within bring the Stellar Union into uncertainty to their very existence with the survival of all of humanity on the line. Follow our protagonists from Evolution, along with new characters, as they struggle desperately to resolve the divisions in the Union, find new sources of Telac that enhance human life, and find a new mystery from eons ago.

The Evolution saga comes close to its conclusion as the Stellar Union and the human race faces its ultimate extinction. The ancient enemy has found humanity and has set their vast war machines and genetic hatred towards all humans to finish their decree of extermination that they had started millions of years ago.



In Resolution hope is not completely lost. There are those, outside the Union, who come to face this overwhelming and vastly superior threat. Secrets, long forgotten and allies from hidden places, emerge for this last struggle. In all the distractions of certain inhalation, the true beauty and nature of humanity once again blossom far out in and forgotten space. Follow the struggle as humanity finds its proper form, or dies to its greatest failure, pride.

The Evolution Saga



Evolution is an engaging thought-provoking sci-fi story. It delves into the beautification of society through artificial beauty, the blinded and compliant society dominated by rules, the helplessness of the people living mundane lives lacking individualism, the isolation of the social nature of humans through the standardization of personal relationships, the human survival instinct, the human self-awakening and its impact on individualism, learning to be human again, the personal journey to maturity through life experiences, struggling between partnership vs friendship, learning the complexities of being loyal and moral, understanding the growing greed of the ones in power, the rising of humanity against the directive, that will probably lead to a revolution. As you can imagine, there is a lot to unpack in this sage and we are just at the beginning.

The story is told from multiple perspectives which sometimes can be a little bit tiring for the reader but I guess it is still necessary for world-building. It reminds me a little of the novel Sunsworn: Edge of Annihilation which also told the story from different perspectives but this one was told in a longer format (535 pages). Further, I would have liked to have the subheadings in the book, presenting the different perspectives, be underlined or marked as bold or italic, and to have numbered pages but again it is just a personal preference, not a requirement.



Evolution is a captivating sci-fi novel that does a great job of building a new world in a futuristic landscape on a large scale. Reminds me of Star Wars and Star Trek. The way the story is written makes you care about Edrick and the characters we meet through his journey. It is a complicated ride showing the flaws of humanity and its virtues which gives hope for a better future. Darkness will always exist but light will always shine through.


The quality of the hardcover book is good but what I liked the most is the fact that the text is set with a larger font making it a comfortable read. Unfortunately, the limited edition of Evolution is not currently available on Amazon but you can find the Paperback version or Kindle version of the book. The remaining books of the Evolution saga are also available in paperback or digitally on Amazon but I wish there were physical limited editions for these as well. Hopefully, there will be in the near future.

Looking for alternative entertainment? Consider checking out the new world of Evolution!


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