Tailoring Entertainment to Your Preferences


In today’s digital age, our screens are flooded with an overwhelming array of movies, and TV shows. We have an extensive collection of books in all kinds of formats with a variety of titles to read, and we have different music genres to listen to.


It’s an era of entertainment, with an endless buffet of options catering to every taste. However, amidst this abundance, genuine critique often gets lost. It’s common to find reviews that lean towards negativity, whether from professional critics or regular reviewers on social media. Expressing disdain has become almost effortless while acknowledging appreciation seems to be a rare occurrence.

In this environment, it’s crucial to reclaim the joy of watching, reading, and listening to music that truly resonates with you, and to provide honest, thoughtful feedback that goes beyond the algorithm’s biases.



Social media has become a double-edged sword when it comes to sharing opinions on entertainment. While it provides a platform for expressing our thoughts, it also amplifies negativity. The algorithm tends to favor content that elicits strong reactions, often leaning toward negativity and simple hate.

This bias creates an environment where genuine appreciation is overshadowed by the clamor of discontent. To break free from this cycle, it’s essential to approach entertainment with an open mind and the intention to share honest thoughts formulated into thoughtful critiques, offering praise or positive feedback highlighting the strengths & positive aspects, and offering tough constructive feedback pointing out flaws or areas for improvement.



Professional reviewers or mainstream critics are not exempt from biases. Whether it’s personal preferences, external pressures, or even subtle industry influences, reviews are susceptible to subjective judgment. The result is a growing mistrust among audiences, who are increasingly turning away from traditional sources of critique.

In this era, the power to shape opinions has shifted to everyday people sharing their experiences. However, even these perspectives can be influenced by the algorithmic push towards sensationalism. It has become important for people to make their own decisions which can be difficult for some who have been accustomed to being told what to watch read and listen to.

It means more work when you have to choose on your own what to watch, read and listen to but it leaves you with a secure feeling which you can use as a base to form your opinion which will be more valuable than those who don’t but still give an opinion.



By openly sharing both your praises and criticisms, you not only engage in a more genuine dialogue but also contribute to a constructive environment that encourages creators to evolve and audiences to discover content that truly aligns with their preferences. It is ok to like something and still acknowledge its flaws. For me, it doesn’t change the experience.

However, genuinely giving nuanced opinions is not promoted by the algorithms that favor negatively induced content that generates tons of engagement. Creators often give the excuse that watching something you don’t like and talking about it generates more engagement than talking about something you do like.

I’m not convinced that I believe that because they don’t promote the positive content the way they do the negative. I’ve seen large groups of people making things trends that are not mainstream so it is possible.



Being constantly in that zone of watching or reading the content you don’t like often influences how you experience watching old content you never got the chance to see, watching new content that seems unfamiliar, or reading new content that is not considered mainstream.

It’s unsettling to watch YouTubers talking about new content with such disdain because they have been burned so much that they are unable to enjoy anything new. It’s sad to see people choosing to be miserable and influencing others to join their misery. Especially when they openly showcase jealousy, encourage people to bully others, drink excessively, and use drugs. It is a destructive behavior that unfortunately is considered cool.

Keeping a healthy environment is not only about who you surround yourself with but also the food you consume for your body and your mind.



It’s time to embrace a more authentic approach to reviewing entertainment. If you don’t enjoy a movie, TV show, or book, it’s okay to express your feelings. However, the key is to provide constructive criticism, explaining why it didn’t resonate with you rather than simply bashing it.

Similarly, when you discover a hidden gem or a masterpiece, share your enthusiasm. Highlight the aspects that moved you, made you laugh, or kept you on the edge of your seat while also acknowledging the flaws. Avoid the extremes of completely hating or completely loving. No content is perfect and there should always be some room for improvement likewise there should be something good or ok to point out between the flaws.

For instance, explain the concept of the content, then explain very briefly how it made you feel. Give the facts as unbiased as you can on what happened to make you feel that way and give the full explanation of your conclusions.

If needed, emphasize at the beginning and end that these feelings are biased, based on your life experiences, and might not apply to everybody who reads them. This way, your reviews become valuable insights for others seeking content that may align with their tastes.



In this era of social media, you can choose to be part of many communities. The problem with some communities is that they determine which content to consume and if you differ you will be mocked or ousted from the group.

It’s not a good way to enjoy entertainment, especially for those who work long hours in the real world and don’t have time for social media arguments. The best approach is to just watch and not get involved. You’ll see how people are manipulated to create drama for more online activity, but unfortunately, it’s just how the algorithms operate.

People are naturally social beings and often want to fit in with a group. However, joining a community shouldn’t mean giving up your freedom to make choices. You should still be able to enjoy the movies, shows, books, novels, comics, and music that you’re interested in.



In the vast sea of content, it’s easy to succumb to societal pressure or popular trends. However, the joy of entertainment lies in consuming what genuinely captivates you. Don’t be afraid to step away from the mainstream if it doesn’t align with your preferences.

It’s not easy, like most people I used to rely on mainstream reviewers, but later turned to regular reviewers even with them I found shortcomings. Either they never watch or read the content, they don’t like the artists so they won’t cover their music or they have a biased view judging content from only a single angle. And they can also be influenced by the corporations. The best thing is to do it yourself.

Explore genres, creators, and stories that resonate with your unique interests. By doing so, you not only enhance your own experience but also contribute to a more diverse and inclusive entertainment landscape.

Sometimes it may feel like a lonely road since most people will be talking about what the algorithm pushes which most of the time is Hollywood-related. Exploring other foreign entertainment can be a cool adventure. I think it’s a healthier way to enjoy entertainment, alternative entertainment.

Tailoring Entertainment to Your Preferences



Sharing your views on the good and the bad in entertainment is an essential aspect of fostering a diverse and authentic cultural conversation. Embracing the nuances of your experiences allows for a more comprehensive understanding of the content you engage with.

When you express what resonated positively, whether it’s brilliant cinematography, compelling characters, or a thought-provoking narrative, you contribute to the celebration of creativity. Simultaneously, thoughtfully addressing aspects that didn’t quite hit the mark honestly, such as weak character development or a sluggish plot, provides valuable feedback for improvement.

Unfortunately, this has become unpopular. You will easily find extremely positive or negative reviews emotionally based with clearly no thoughtful formulation of the feedback given. Balanced genuine reviews with added value are hard to find which means that there is space for more. Rather than waste time with biased takes, use the time to formulate and share your views.

Choose wisely how and where to share it. I like writing and chose blogging as a form to share my views. The idea of having my website rather than using a third-party platform that could easily remove it when I have an unconventional opinion was always the first choice. I would love to encourage the new generation with short attention spans to try to broaden it, to read more than a few paragraphs, and to be more critical of the information they are fed every day.



In a world where negativity often takes the spotlight, it’s crucial to reclaim the art of genuine critique. Whether you’re expressing your opinions on social media or engaging in discussions with friends, strive to be honest and constructive.

Watch what you want to watch, read what you want to read, listen to what you want to listen to, and share your authentic and unique experiences. By embracing this approach, you not only contribute to a more positive online environment but also help others discover hidden gems that align with their tastes. Let the joy of entertainment guide your choices, and don’t be afraid to celebrate what you love.

Whether it’s visually stunning movies, captivating books, or melodic tunes, you have the freedom to curate your entertainment experience. With ‘Tailoring Entertainment to Your Preferences,’ the spotlight is on you as you take control, deciding what to watch, read, and listen to, creating a special adventure perfectly crafted for your tastes.

It feels liberating to not worry about following the crowd or sticking to what’s popular. I don’t mind being the only one into the stuff I enjoy—whether it’s music, books, or shows. I’ve stopped wasting time on things that aren’t my cup of tea. The tricky part is discovering new or old content, but you’ll never find anything if you never give it a shot.


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