Void Walker


Hitman Parker Ingram bonds with an ancient creature and so the Void Walker is born. The two of them begin a blood-soaked path of revenge and destruction, the wall between our world and the Beyond is ready to fall.


The Void Walker is a fast-paced, dark noir, action comic book series for mature readers. Parker, the main protagonist was raised to be ruthless in a mafia world. We don’t know much about his life and why he does what he does. What makes Parker so different, that he is given an offer by an ancient creature who could just easily finish him off?



The Void Walker limited series is written by Spencer Desmond and illustrated by Kristian Rossi.



The limited series consists of 4 published issues. Most of the issues contain approximately 32 pages. The stories are printed in full color on traditional old newspaper-like material in floppy format. Void Walker was first published by Alterna Comics in 2019.

Alterna Comics was founded in 2006 by publisher Peter Simeti and has gone on to help produce over 100 titles since then. Alterna Comics titles are distributed to readers and retailers worldwide from their online store.



Parker Ingram, a hired hitman is given a mission that he is determined to complete but he is unexpectedly betrayed by the man who raised him. Clinging to life, Parker bonds with an ancient creature called Absolum, and the Void Walker is born. With his sights set on a blood-soaked path of revenge and destruction, the wall between our world and the Beyond is ready to fall. The Void Walker grows stronger as it feeds off of anger and pain as madness begins to flood the city.

Detective Emilia Mercado and her team are pulled into the chaos, but are they truly any match for a supernatural terror unlike the world has ever seen? Especially when they are caught unprepared to fight against it.

Void Walker


The Leviathan Veil has fallen and Vergul bleeds into our realm. Parker finds answers in the Beyond while Detective Mercado and the RCPD scramble to fight off the breach as reality shatters around them. With the three aligned, the end is only the beginning. The realms are all bleeding together as Absolum and Vergul collide again, and Parker is left with one final choice. What will he do next?

Void Walker




Void Walker is straight-up intense graphic violent action through and through. There is no time to reflect on anything as everything is happening so quickly when the leviathan veil falls. Demon-like creatures that seem to feed from the sins of people ( the 7 cardinal sins) are ready to unexpectedly invade the world as we know it. The feeding is accompanied by death.

Parker manages to find a connection with his missing father but it seems to be too late to save him. In the end, Parker is not alone in his new quest. A lot of questions seem to be unanswered. What is the story of the demon-like creatures? Why do Absolum and Vergul seem to hate each other? How come did they seem to coexist in their world known as the Beyond? What is the Beyond and how many similar realms exist in this universe?

The art looks good and for some reason, the story reminds me of the Veil Walker which was also a story that left you with so many questions. It’s a bit different but it also deals with creatures from another world very similar to those of the Beyond. I’m probably completely wrong but Void Walker seems to be the prequel to The Veil Walker. As humans were unprepared for the invasion from the Beyond creatures, they may have gotten help from the counterpart who has the power/magic to defeat those creatures. Probably never happened but we can use our imagination since the series seems to have been discontinued.



The Void Walker is a violent dark tale. Those who like graphic violence will be thoroughly entertained. You don’t know much about the world similar to our own and the Beyond other than the human world seems to be a hopeless world governed by the mafia, the Beyond seems to be hell. Is there a heaven-like realm as well with creatures as strong as these? In the end, many questions are left unanswered. To me, it felt more like a one-time read horror story.

The physical editions and digital editions are available at Alterna Comics. “Void Walker” is not part of the “EYES ON” series as it is not part of any recent Alterna Comics crowdfunding campaign. Not so recently, Alterna Comics crowdfunding campaign backers who were used to back the campaigns on Indiegogo were given the option to back directly from the Alterna Comics website.

Void Walker

The benefit of backing directly from the website is having access to all of Alterna’s available existing published titles and merchandise. Void Walker is one of those existing published titles. Unfortunately, Void Walker is one of those titles that are not printed/continued anymore by Alterna so thus far there is no continuation after issue #4 which is unfortunate.

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